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  • Goodfellow’s Operational Support Team

    The Goodfellow Operational Support Team is a group of medical providers embedded in squadrons on a rotation. Their mission is to enhance all squadron members' physical and mental health, equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to handle a wide range of health issues, from physical injuries

  • 17th TRW | From cadet to commissioned officer

    Angelo State University held a commissioning ceremony for four future Class of 2023 graduates, May 12. ASU invited Col. Matthew Reilman, 17th Training Wing commander, to speak to the new officers.

  • Navigating the future

    Geospatial intelligence is one of the critical pieces to the puzzle, providing imagery support to other intel specialties.

  • CBI Designer Course

    The Computer Based Instruction Designer course is a two-week course focused on enhancing instructors knowledge in computer-assisted and computer management instruction.

  • Women’s History Month: One of Many

    A year can be broken down in many ways; 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months. No matter how it is described, time is the one factor that keeps moving, never stopping and never ceasing. Out of the 12 months, time has been set aside to focus on influential women of yesterday and today, and sets the

  • 9S100’s Nuclear detection: can’t hide from science

    “We use science and technology to exploit our enemies,” said Staff Sgt. Christian Bufford, 312th Training Squadron SPINSTRA instructor. “You can’t hide science. If the enemy is doing something underground, it will create seismic waves. If the enemy is doing something nuclear above ground, it will