Second Air Force Leadership

 Maj. Gen. Timothy J. Leahy                        Photo/Bio coming soon       

                                        Commander                                           Vice Commander                                   
             Maj. Gen. Andrea D. Tullos                        Col. Brian M. Stumpe               

2nd AF Priorities

A - Advance Force Development

  •  Optimize student training times and establish standards for effective pipeline management
  •  Develop tailored production measurements
  •  Implement a continuum of learning for 2 AF personnel (O/E/C)

E - Enhance Lethality and Readiness

  •  Align foundational competencies to meet National Defense Strategy objectives
  •  Deliver foundational readiness and weapons training at BMT
  •  Infuse Comprehensive Airman Fitness into all levels of training across 2 AF

T - Transform the Way We Learn

  •  Develop pathways for Airmen to progress at their speed of learning
  •  Evaluate Direct Duty Assignments
  •  Develop a framework to accommodate an agile training pipeline

C - Cultivate an Environment of Excellence

  •  Establish a 2 AF training dorm master plan that modernizes facilities and prioritizes care of our Airmen
  •  Codify and implement the Airmanship curriculum
  •  Provide opportunities to participate in collaborative activities for leadership teams to drive family resiliency and 


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