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2nd AF Mission Video

2nd AF Mission Video

Welcome to 2nd Air Force

Welcome to Second Air Force Wingmen and Teammates! With our headquarters located on historic Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., we are responsible for basic military training and technical training for 93% of our Air Force along with joint, and coalition forces at five major installations and 98 operating locations around the world. We also provide oversight and support to Airmen who complete Army expeditionary skills training prior to filling critical combatant commander deployments at forward operating locations all over the globe. Accordingly, I am honored and privileged to serve with more than 13,900 active duty, reserve, guard, and civilian Airmen who are making these missions happen every single day! You are the motivated, professional Airmen who are charged to train, develop, and inspire the world’s premier Airmen to power the world’s greatest Air Force! Nothing … absolutely nothing … is more important or more rewarding!!!

Second Air Force … #2nd2None


Mission and Vision

Mission: Train, develop and inspire the world’s premier Airmen to power the world’s greatest Air Force!
Vision: To be the premier training and development center in the Department of Defense!
Motto: “Second to None…Train, Develop, Inspire!”

2nd AF Priorities

Priority 1: Expect a climate of Professionalism, Dignity & Respect, and Achievement

Priority 2: Train, Develop, and Inspire Airmen Warriors through Good Order and Discipline

Priority 3: Drive Innovation across the Training Enterprise to reflect and develop the Next Generation of Airmen

Priority 4: Build Resilient, Professional Airmen and Strengthen Families and Relationships

Contact Us

2nd Air Force Command Section:

Comm: 228-377-1300
DSN: 597-1300

Servicing Public Affairs Office:

81st Training Wing Public Affairs
Comm: 228-377-2783
DSN: 597-2783

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"The 350th Battlefield Airmen Training Squadron has implemented a nine-week prepatory course for all Battlefield Airmen candidates. Battlefield Airmen hopefuls graduating from Basic Military training will have to complete the course before transitioning into the initial entry course." To find out more on the course, click on the link below!
“Senior Airman Gurule was able to complete a task that has not been accomplished by many and if it was easy, everyone would grab the ACE award,” said 364th Training Squadron aircraft hydraulics systems instructor DeJuan Wallace. “Not only did he master his own studies, but he also helped younger Airmen achieve their goals.”
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Maj. Gen. Leahy recently toured training detachments in Europe as well as meeting with dignitaries in Saudi Arabia.
Pathways to Blue concluded yesterday and these cadets are one step closer to making their decision on joining the world’s greatest Air Force. We’d like to say thanks to the almost 300 Air Force ROTC cadets from various colleges and universities as far north as Columbus, Maryland and as far south as Puerto Rico who took time out of their busy schedules to learn more about what the Air Force has to offer them. TRAIN, DEVELOP, INSPIRE! #2ndtonone
The thunderstorm this morning may have cancelled our run but it will not stop or mentors from teaching these future Air Force officers about the options available to them. These cadets and Airmen are learning about what it takes to become a combat systems officer and the many aircraft they fly.
To round out the first day of Pathways to Blue, cadets and Airmen met with mentors from various jobs in a speed mentoring session. Maj. Gen. Leahy, had this to say about the importance of mentoring these potential new Air Force officers. "Every Air Force leader learns that the most important job is to grow your replacement. Our nation has been challenged since its beginning and no generation has been spared the requirement to put on their uniform and fight for our nation. The most important thing we do is sustain our nations military force so it stays the most capable and dominant force in the world. The way we do that is by bringing in eager cadets and Airmen that are asking 'Where can I serve the Air Force'."
Pathways to Blue continues to inspire young ROTC cadets and Airmen by showing off a couple aircraft they could pilot if they choose to commission into the Air Force. Cadet Poul Pathak, University of Houston Air Force Det 003, had this to say: "Pathways to Blue has been fun and I've been able to meet a lot of people. This is my first time seeing military aircraft and being on a military base. The helicopter was my favorite aircraft so far but I'm excited to learn more about cyber operations and how to become a remotly piloted aircraft pilot."
Welcome ROTC Cadets and Airmen to Pathways to Blue! You have two days of learning ahead of you. Today you will hear from Keesler Air Force Base leadership, see static displays and have to opportunity to immerse yourself in multiple career fields. Here is a tip from Maj. Gen. Timothy Leahy, 2nd Air Force commander, to help you get the most out of your experience. “To those attending the event, PAY ATTENTION. It is for you to ask questions and listen so you can find the career field and path to discover how you can serve our nation and do the job you want. It really is all about you.”
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Great news from our team down in Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas!
If you haven't read this story about Airman 1st Class Guor Maker, stop what you are doing and get inspired. This is what makes our United States Air Force and 2nd Air Force Second to None.