An Airman’s journey to the operational Air Force takes them through their tech training pipeline. It is here that we build on the Airmanship they began in Basic Training. Our country demands that our warfighters be technically relevant and tactically ready to meet the demands of the 21st century.
We mold warriors, shaping their attitudes, honing their skills, sharpening their minds, and helping them reach their full potential as individuals who have pledged their lives in the support of our US Air Force and our nation.
Our Mach-21 Airmen learn their craft at a pace and proficiency never seen before. They must adopt the newest technology and adapt to a world that constantly changes around them. Our Airmen can outthink, outlearn and out innovate any adversary on planet earth.


Where is my tech school?

Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas

14N - Intelligence Officer
1A8X2 - Airborne ISR Operator
1N0X1/2/4/7 - Operations Intelligence
1A8X1 - Airborne Cryptological Language Analyst
1N3X1 - Cryptological Language Analyst
3E7X1 - Fire Protection
9S100 - Scientific Application Specialist

Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

1A0X1/2/3/6/8/9 - Aircrew Operations
1S0X1 - Safety
1U0X1 - UAS Sensor Operator
2G0X1 - Logistics Plans
2S0X1 - Material Management
2T0X1/2 - Transport & Vehicle Management
2T3X1 - Vehicle Maintenance
31P1 - Security Forces Officer
3P0X1 - Security Forces
3F1X1 - Services
41A1 - Health Services Administrator
6C0X1 - Contracting
8R000 - Enlisted Recruiting
8G000 - Honor Guard
8B000 Military Training Instructor 

Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi

13M1 - Airfield Operations Officer
1C0X2- Aviation Resource Management
1C1X1 - Air Traffic Controller
1C8X3 - Radar Airfield & Weather Systems
15W1 - Weather Officer
1W0X1 - Weather Technician
2P0X1 - Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory
17D - Cyberspace Operations Officer
1B4 - Cyberspace Defense Operations
3DXXX - All Enlisted Cyber AFSCs
38F1 - Force Support Officer
3F0X1 - Personnel
35P1 - Public Affairs Officer
3N0X2 - Broadcaster
3N0X5 - Photojournalist
65F1 - Finance Officer
6F0X1 - Financial Management
8B100 - Military Training Leader

Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas

1P0X1 - Aircrew Flight Equipment
21A1 - Aircraft Maintenance Officer
2AXXX - Aircraft Maintenance
2F0X1 - Fuels
2RXXX - Maintenance Management
21R1 - Logistics Officer
2T1X1 - Vehicle Operations
21M1 - MUNS Officer
2WXXX - Munitions & Weapons
3D1X7 - Cable & Antenna Systems
3EXXX - Civil Engineering
32E3G - Civil Engineering Officer
3E8X1 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Vandenberg Air Force Base, Califonia

13S1 - Space Operations Officer
1C6X1 - Space Systems Operations
13N1 - Nuclear & Missile Operations Officer
21M1 - Missile Maintenance Officer
2MXXX - Missile & Space Maintenance

Special Warfare Training Wing

13C1 - Special Tactics Officer
13D1 - Combat Rescue Officer
13L1 - Air Liaison Officer
1C2X1 - Combat Control
1C4X1 - Tactical Air Control Party Specialist
1T2X1 - Pararescue
1W0X2 - Special Weather Operations


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