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Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas

Goodfellow logo

Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas

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Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi

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Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas

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 Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas

Special Warfare Training Wing logo

14N1 - Intelligence Officer
1A8X1 - Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
1A8X2 - Airborne ISR Operator
1N0X1 - All Source Intel Analyst
1N1X1 - GEOINT Analyst
1N2X1 - Signals Intel Analyst
1N3X1 - Cryptologic Language Analyst
1N4X1 - Cyber Intelligence
1N4X1 - Fusion Analyst - Analysis And Production
1N4X2 - Cryptologic Analysis & Reporter
1N7X1 - Human Intelligence Specialist
1N8X1 - Targeting Analyst 
3E7X1 - Fire Protection
9S100 - Scientific Applications Specialist
1A0X1 - In-Flight Refuel
1A1X1 - Flight Engineer
1A2X1 - Loadmaster
1A3X1 - Airborne Mission Systems Specialist
1A6X1 - Flight Attendant
1A8X1 - Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
1A8X2 - Airborne ISR Operator
1A9X1 - Special Missions Aviation
1H0X1 - Aerospace Physiology
1S0X1 - Safety
1U0X1 - Sensor Operator
2G0X1 - Logistics Plans
2S0X1 - Materiel Management
2T0X1 - Traffic Management
2T2X1 - Air Transportation
2T3X1C - Vehicle & Vehicular Equip Maint. (MHE)
2T3X1A - Vehicle & Vehicular Equip Maint. (Fire Fighting Vehicles)
2T3X1 - Vehicle Maintenance
2T3X7 - Vehicle Management & Analysis
31P1 - Security Forces Officer
3F1X1 - Services
3P0X1 - Security Forces
3P0X1A - Security Forces - Combat Arms
3P0X1B - Security Forces - Working Dog Handler
6C0X1 - Contracting
8B000 - Military Training Instructor (MTI)
8G000 - Honor Guard
8R000 - Enlisted Accessions Recruiter
13M1 - Airfield Operations Officer
15W1 - Weather Officer
17D1 - Warfighter Comm Op Officer
17S1 - Cyberspace Effects Ops Officer
17XX - Warfighter Comm/Cyberspace Effects Officer
19Z1A - Special Tactics Officer (STO)
1B4X1 - Cyber Warfare Operations
1C0X2 - Aviation Resource Management
1C1X1 - Air Traffic Control
1C3X1 - Command & Control Ops
1C5X1 - Command & Control Battle Management Ops
1C7X1 - Airfield Management
1C8X3 - Radar, Airfield & Weather Systems
1D7X1 - Cyber Defense Operations
1D7X2 - Spectrum Operations
1W0X1 - Weather
2P0X1 - Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL)
35P1 - Public Affairs Officer
38F1 - Force Support Officer
3F0X1 - Personnel
3F2X1 - Education & Training
3F3X1 - Manpower
3F4X1 - Equal Opportunity
3F5X1 - Administration
3N0X6 - Public Affairs
5C0X1 - USSF Cyber Operations
5R0X1 - Religious Affairs
65F1 - Financial Management Officer
6F0X1 - Financial Management & Comptroller
8B100 - Military Training Leader (MTL)
13N1 - Nuclear & Missile Operations Officer
1D7X3 - Cable & Antenna Systems
1P0X1 - Aircrew Flight Equipment
21A1 - Aircraft Maintenance Officer
21M1 - MUNS Officer
21R1 - Logistics Readiness Officer
2AXXX - Aerospace Maintenance
2F0X1 - Fuels
2M0XX - Missile Maintenance
2R0X1 - Maintenance Management Analysis
2R1X1 - Maintenance Management Production
2T1X1 - Ground Transportation
2W0X1 - Munitions Systems
2W1X1 - Aircraft Armament Systems
2W2X1 - Nuclear Weapons
32E3G - Civil Engineering Officer (EOD Officers)
3E0X1 - Electrical Systems
3E0X2 - Electrical Power Production
3E1X1 - HVAC
3E2X1 - Pavements & Construction Equipment
3E3X1 - Structural
3E4X1 - Water & Fuel Systems Maintenance
3E4X3 - Pest Management
3E5X1 - Engineering
3E6X1 - Operations Management
3E8X1 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
3E9X1 - Emergency Management
19Z1A - Special Tactics Officer (STO)
19Z1B - Tactical Air Control Party Officer (TACP-O)
19Z1C - Combat Rescue Officer (CRO)
1Z1X1 - Pararescue (PJ)
1Z2X1 - Combat Control (CCT)
1Z3X1 - Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)
1Z4X1 - Special Reconnaissance
9T500 - Basic Special Warfare Airman