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Director for Intelligence comes to Goodfellow

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Zach Heimbuch
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Dimitri Henry, J2 Joint Chiefs of Staff Director for Intelligence, toured Goodfellow to observe how the 17th Training Wing is advancing the training of fire protection and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance professionals.

During an all-call with the 17th TRW's permanent party and staff, Henry emphasized the importance of thorough training over rushing students to the operational force.

“If you start somebody out right, they’ll be right,” explained Henry. “I’d rather have five good people than one great person on a team. The best person should be in the schoolhouse spreading their skills to hundreds and thousands of students.”

Looking ahead to the future of Great Power Competition, Henry emphasized that instructors will be the first leaders to set the expectations for future warfighters.

Although Goodfellow is an Air Force base, the 17th TRW trains personnel from every branch of the Department of Defense and coalition partners, spearheading the training of ISR professionals.

“We depend on you,” Henry said at an all-call for intelligence students. “When things come down that only you can do, we need you to do it well. Be the best that you can be.”

During his visit, Henry attended a retirement ceremony for Gunnery Sgt. Patrick Pullman, who exemplified leadership in the Marines. Henry and Pullman both believe students are the seeds that need proper leadership to cultivate the future of service members effectively.