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2021 Highlight reel

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Spencer Tobler
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs
2021 was a year of change, innovation and success for Second Air Force to persevere through COVID-19 challenges, and lead the charge in Air Education and Training Command to produce 30,000 Airmen.
“I was so impressed with where Second Air Force was when I got here,” said Maj. Gen. Michele C. Edmondson, Second Air Force commander. “We had monumental lifts across every wing to keep producing Airmen during a global pandemic. Our wings tackled what was seemingly impossible at the start of the pandemic.” 
In 2021, Second Air Force focused on three main priorities: Developing the Airmen the Air Force needs in alignment with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. and his actions orders to accelerate change or lose, transforming how Airmen are learning, and focusing on the experience of Airmen to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 
“This is where I’ve honed my time over the first five months,” said Edmondson. “I’m beginning to see all of the wings coalesce behind our vision. That helps us make sure we’re all communicating the same message, we’re starting to see our priorities permeate in the fabric of the organizations across Second Air Force, which will just help us all reach the same goal.”
From the 81st Training Wing’s technological advances in cyber training to the 37th Training Wing’s prototype human performance squadron, Second Air Force has accelerated change this year by making bold, unprecedented moves to advance force development and transform the way Airmen learn to further develop the ongoing no-fail mission. Second Air Force has also adapted to train Space Force Guardians over the course of this year. 
“It all starts with basic training, we’re trying to give the Space Force the opportunity to inculcate the Space Force culture from day one of basic military training,” said Edmondson. “As Guardians go through our tech school pipelines we need to make sure we’re giving them the exposure they need from the Air Force, but also giving them that necessary separation so they can have their own identity.”
Emerging threats from our adversaries have influenced the way we train today in support of national security and global assurance for our allies.
“It all starts with having the conversation,” said Edmondson. “Our Airmen and Guardians need to know that the 2018 National Defense Strategy says that China is the pacing threat. Every Airman that leaves our pipeline will know what the threat is and how they fit into the fight.”
Second Air Force’s highlight reel for 2021 is virtually endless. 
“It’s hard to be anything but proud,” said Edmondson. “Such an amazing opportunity to touch the lives of so many Airmen, going out to the different wings and seeing the diversity of the mission set has been really awe inspiring just to watch all the incredible Airmen mastering new skills.” 
The sky is still the limit for 2022 operations and organizational advancements. 
“This year we’re focused on making sure that we’re developing the Airmen that we need for the Air Force and the Guardians we need for the Space Force,” said Edmondson. “Part of doing that is investing in the instructors, military training leaders, military training instructors and the staff members that put the AETC patch on every day and commit to making our Air Force even better one Airmen at a time. I can’t wait to see what ‘impossible‘ they tackle in 2022.”