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Real Talks about alcohol

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Randall Moose
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs
Students from the 315th Training Squadron received educational training with a personal story from Senior Master Sgt. David Clark, Wing Staff Agency first sergeant, followed by small group discussions with facilitators on the safe consumption of alcohol, May 24.

Clark shared his story to emphasize that everyone makes mistakes.

“I was 18 and three weeks from joining the Air Force,” said Clark. “When I was pulled over for drinking and driving. I knew I had messed up, but I refused to let it define me. I’d be lying if I said I made through 20 years in the military without mistakes.”

Some students connected with Clark’s story.

“I really appreciated Senior Master Sgt. Clark’s story,” said Airman Basic James Mayo, 315th TRS student. “It made him look human, like he understands that we all make mistakes.”

After breaking into small groups, the facilitators encouraged the students to share their experiences and provide tips on how to drink responsibly.

“I learned something new today,” said Airman Allison Carter, 315th TRS student. “I never heard of Angel Shots. It’s a drink you can order at a bar to signal to the bartender that you would like to be escorted outside.”

Real Talks are designed to encourage Airmen to discuss important topics such as alcohol, sexual assault and violence.

“We want to make topics like this less taboo,” said Meagan Fowler, 17th Training Wing Green Dot coordinator. “So that Airmen discuss and plan appropriate ways to deal with these things.”